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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nepalgunj with my [(((((Perception)))))]

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At Sidhdharth Cottage , Nepalgunj

A shop on the road to Bageshwori Temple,Nepalgunj,Nepal

Lord Shiv

A hard working ironsmith sharpening a scissor,Nepalgunj

An old house nearby Bageshori road

Lord Shiv Temple in the middle of a pond(Bageshori),Nepalgunj,Nepal
City-famous chaat (spicy veg. snack),Nepalgunj

A sewing machine by roadside,Nepalgunj,Nepal.

A Tea vendor named Nirmala Shukla,Nepalgunj,Nepal.

Lord Shiv,Tikathali,Lalitpur,Nepal.

Domestic cow,Nepalgunj,Nepal.

Dhamboji-Birendra Chowk,Nepalgunj,Nepal.

Ready for ..

A Rickshaw puller at his stand,Nepalgunj,Nepal.
Gajendra Amatya,Maharajgunj,KAthmandu,Nepal

This picture I clicked from my elder aunt house.The original picture was not good so I just played with DPP.

I took this snap from my younger aunt living in Maharajgunj,Kathmandu.

And this is me,Satyam Prasad Joshi, infront of a mirror and just reversed the text "canon" digitally.

Rickshaw pullers port,Nepalgunj,Nepal.

A Rickshaw puller having a leisure time,Nepalgunj,Nepal

Three people chatting in a print media shop,Nepalgunj,Nepal.

A Rickshaw puller waiting for passengers,Nepalgunj,Nepal.

A boy playing on a sand bulk,Nepalgunj,Nepal.

Near Narayanhiti Palace,Kathmandu,Nepal.