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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tammed snake or drugged snake !

I asked the snake-wrangler to make it raise its hood.But he told me that its the skin changing period of snake ,so it can't raise its hood.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My lens stares me.

Agaiyya Bridge,Rapti River(Sikta Irrigation Site)

Near Dhakeri(28 km East from Nepalgunj)-Prithvi Highway I guess !

Near Dhakeri(28 km East from Nepalgunj)-Prithvi Highway I guess !

2068-04-16 ( 2012,July 30),That was Saturday.We( Satyam and Ashis) were exhausted with daily routines and faded up with shaded-hot temperature of Nepalgunj.SO we decided to make an escape of a day.We chose Agaiyya over Harre,Babai,Karnali-Chisapani or Chhinchhu.The ride was really tiring.After exact 1 hour, we reached Agaiyya which is 54 km far from Nepalgunj.
                              When we spent our few hours in Agaiyya, we headed back to our home fearing the heavy rain.Butit caught us in mid way to Dhakeri.We were wet for 10 minutes ride.It was non-stop raining.I was so worried about my Canon, but I just accidentally wrapped it up with a polythene bag but still worried.After reaching Dhakeri I checked it and was really dry and exhaled the relief breath.After spending 2 hours and 2 bottles of Carlsberg, we  started our journey with passion for same old repetative routines in our habitats.