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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Going to Purnagiri(Uttarakhanda),Tanakpur,India- A Pilgrimage Tour with Sony DSC-W210

Clicked with Sony DSC-W210

0809 am.Friday 9th March,2012,Naanpara(India,UP).We reached here after an hour drive from Nepalgunj,Nepal.

Saturday 10th March,2012.The place is Pilvit,India at 0600 am.It was cold.I just took out my Sony and captured the rising beautiful view it was.I missed my slr so much that time.

I don't know why I took this but I thought it was worthsome,after I took it I showed this pic to him in the back lcd of my Sony dsc-w210 and he gave me a sudden glimpse of his smile.

Saturday 0700 am,10th March 2012.

Actually,there was no space to put a feet on the floor of that bogey so my companion asked forcefully to climb up and have a sit.And when I started to climb up,the people underneath that ledge started to shout not to go upside because there was lots of luggage of their and one of friends scolded them that that space was meant for people and  not to rest their luggage.And compelled me go quick upside and before they shout again, I quickly hopped up. It was fun.

Oh gosh,let me introduce him.We named him Environment minister.I don't know why we just chose that title,the only verdict was that he was a nostril penetrator,nose stunner,sensibility terrorist,etc.Notorious farter.The right most guy(my companion,friend) turned his back,atlast,because he was out of his request making when that guy didn't stopped of doing his thing.He even taunted him saying whats the stock level of his gas.And after final blow,I asked "Please someone put a cotton or stick a adhesive tape to his **s !" and there was sudden laugh went on,continuously.He also admitted atlast that he had not been to toilet this morning ,then again burst of laugh we had... hahahahahaha!!

One of my good friends (named Santosh) with whom I returned back to Nepal.He was very cool guy and funny too.

Indian people playing cards in moving train.

You can see the suffocating crowd here.Poor children.This is everyday usual sight in this route.Even if you move your feet you are sure to hit or step on another's foot.

The first view of the mountain where the Goddess Purnagiri's statue is established.This is the place we were working hard to get there.The time was 1206 pm,Saturday 10,2012.

To my right,My neighbor uncle and to my left is his oldest staff.

Santosh's sweet family.Both couple called each other "Babu" and the little one is their daughter named Sejal or Sajal(confused)

0118 pm.The starting point of the Pilgimage.From that gate,it is 3 kms ascending pathways to the Goddess Purnagiri.

Lord Vishnu

                                 Poor child.Her parents put her in the sidepath to collect coins/money from devotees.I sat aside and looked at her.A tea vendor told me that she has this routine everyday.I just couldn't take my eyes off her.She never got up ,she was like a stone.She is different ; not like other children;I think she even forgot to play..And when the vendor added that she had still got no money to this day.I was overwhelmed.I and Santosh got up went to her and gave some money and when we did,she started collecting more.We were smiling then and the vendor said a thing that I never forget.He said doing good things/helping needy and poor people is also like visiting the pilgrimage or worshiping the God.We were satisfied and strode ahead.

Exhausted me.

My Shikhar pairs.

0419 pm.The start of the crowd-queue.It was so heavily crowded that we hardly move 4-6 steps after 30 mintues and sometimes nearly an hour.Everyone was bare feet-ed and the stone steps of the staircase was very cold,from my feet bone to the spinal chord was aching so bad and in addition I was so tired that for few seconds I was asleep,standing.

One way paths.You can't imagine how difficult it was there to stand.Everyone were staring each other.At the left side of the fence/crowd,it was deep cliff.

0802 pm,Saturday 10th March,2012.A devoted religious believer.When I asked, one of his friend told me that he kept a promise that if his wish were fulfilled he would measure the whole length of 3 kms to the top(Goddess Purnagiri spot) with his whole body length.Extreme.. isn't it ? I was so amazed to see him doing this with full commitment,passion and faith.

A girl waiting for devotees for money.

0612 am, Sunday 11th March,2012 just playing with my Sony DSC-W210 until I get to the taxi stand.And yes,I was in the longest queue for a taxi in the world.It took me more than an hour to get inside a taxi.

SCN mode,Exposure 2 sec,No flash,F7.1,Metering mode Pattern,ISO125 !

Sunday 0850 am,11th March 2012.River Sharada.It is believed that the Purnagiri pilgrimage is not complete if you not visit river Sharada and Temple Bhairav.India has the thousands of Hindu religious pilgrimages.And this is one of them.I am so amazed to see the wide embrace of Hinduism faith/religion in India.I loved my tour  to India and its really amazing.

River Sharada.This was taken by Sejal,the daughter of Santosh.I was unaware that she was playing with my Sony.Here,I was in dilemma whether to take a bath in the river or not.Later,I just washed my face and chanted some mantras by remaining inside the river.And didn't take bath there because it was too daum cold with blood chilling wind blowing.Edited with Lightroom.

Oh ye, thats me ! Overexposed.

River Sharada.

Lord Vishnu with his wife Devi Laxmi(Devi of wealth and fortune) on the bed of Sheshnaag(the greatest snake with 7 heads),at back side are Brahma and Shiv.

                           Sunday 1107 am,11th March 2012.Going back home.This is India-Nepal border.I was standing on Indian land.There I saw the discrimination of India to Nepal.To my back is the blockade at Mahakali river(built by India) to pass the river to Indian land for irrigation and may be other purposes where as they granted Nepal less than  the one fourth part of the size of this river to Nepal for irrigation,which I saw after entering Nepal and I think it dries off before reaching the irrigated land in Nepal.I heard India has an International law for Nepal that Nepal cannot build or let build dam or irrigation or hydro project dam near to the border areas of India-Nepal.I was wondering and still wondering.

River barrier in Mahakali river(Border river).Its a bridge the front is the wheel to open up the block of the river to enter India.

Sunday 1115 am,11th March 2012.May be one of the oldest and smallest Indian train.

Returning home via Nepal route.Purnagiri-Kaali Nadi-Tanakpur-Banbasa-Mahakali-
Mahendranagar-Atariya-Kohalpur-Nepalgunj-Home..phewwww !!!
Time taken 0800 am to 0800 pm - thats 12 hrs.
This bus broke after leaving Atariya, nearly after 30 kms.We were on seats.The conductor 
shifted us on another bus but with no seats.I quarreled him for this nonsense,I asked him to
provide us the seats or return back our money.Later he gave us small chairs,we call them(Moodhha)
From this travel,I've learnt a lesson that whenever you meet travelling strangers(national or foreigners)
you should treat or behave him respectfully and provide help,because I have experienced so much 
disrespectful behavior and lying,cheating.You can and cannot trust the transportation related persons
as well as the pilgrimage spot shops/resting space providers.



  1. I have visited various destinations, but whenever i read your blog, my senses are left spell bound for a minute and i'm forced to go weave the imaginative cob webs in my mind. I liked your blog and would like you to explore more on Hindu Pilgrimage Tours.

    1. Thank you Nikita for so nice comment.It means so much for me ! If I ever go to next Pilgrimage tour,I surely invite you to my blog.
      Recently.I visited Poon Hill(trek), you can check that blog at

      Keep on reading ! :)