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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bageshwori Temple,Nepalgunj - With a different perpective

                  Bageshwori Temple (Nepali: बागेश्वरी मन्दिर) is one of the most important Hindu temples in Nepal, located at the center of Nepalgunj, the biggest city in mid-western development region. It is dedicated to goddess Bageshwori- a Durga. The temple area also houses another famous temple- the temple of lord Shiva with mustache, which is one of the only two such temples in the country. There are several other smaller temples inside the temple area including a temple of lord Buddha, statue of lord Ganesha, a temple of Goddess Santoshi and the temple of lord Hanuman. The Bageshwori pond that is situated within the temple area is also famous among the devotees, specially for the reason that the temple of lord Shiva with mustache stands at the center of it.
Bageshwori temple is known to be one of the oldest in the region, and the oldest temple in Banke District. Every year it attracts a large number of devotees from around the country, as well as from the nearest border cities of India. Specially in the festival of Dashain, the biggest festival in the counrty, the temple receives a huge crowd of people wishing to pray the goddess and offer animal sacrifices. (Source:Wikipedia)
Lots of Hindu devotees also come for a Secret Worshiping or Closed Worshiping of the Goddess( I don't find te exact words to say for the "Gupt Darshan") which means the devotees who asks for a closed worshiping, he and the priests get inside the temple and close all the 4 doors and watch the sacred sight and offer various holy things to priests and the Goddess.

Mahadev with moustache(the only Lord Shiv with moustache)

Bageshwori pagoda in the dawn with reflection of Sunlight

Bageshwori pagoda in the dawn with reflection of Sunlight

Bageshowori Temple with cattle sacrificing boundary in foreground with circular wall.

Budhdha Stupa in Bageshwori perimeter

Small Shiv Linga with Bageshwori temple at background

Small Shiv Linga with Bageshwori temple at background

Bageshwori Temple with beautiful clouds,just edited a lil bit.

This is very rare view in Bageshwori temple to get a close photo shot of a tortoise.They are not lens friendly ,not at all... :) !

A calf staring at Lord Shiv Temple

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